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Jerome Powell, President Trump, Goldman Sachs discussed on Bloomberg Best


The industry's most satisfied advisers are head over heels about them visit commonwealthcom we've been speaking about the nomination of fed governor jerome powell to become the next chairman of the federal reserve we get more now from abby joseph cohen president of goldman sachs global markets institute she spoke with bloomberg's david gura and tom keene abby let me start by asking user what it will mean in your estimation to have some with not an academic back another phd in economics but he markets back on somebody who spent a decade plus it the carlyle group doing private equity make your point out he not an economy and who i think much the end your question depends upon who with the makeup of the board on and kiwi empty at the cable and i think that the president will likely take advantage of this opportunity to fill knock it the chairmanship but also some of these other spa i would however following we're clearly added important point structural change in the us economy i think the cope account for the weakness that we've seen low growth in employment it it pound quick under the weakness that we're seeing in camp x and so on and when you've structural changes in the economy as we increasingly manufacturing to service i would feel a little bit more comfortable on if we had an economist either in there pete or if you surrounded by other economists took him he listen the message that we're getting is this is a a picked it's going to give us continuity he somebody who is voted with their gotten behind the current fed chair janet yellen light of that does that give you anymore comfort with regard to what you're saying that that we're going to have somebody who would least at knows what path we're on at this point are you if you take a look at the way governor paulo had quoted army echo when he clearly that has been content that i can yellen built and also public statements i think has been very supportive by and large gradually thick approach to a very low tightening of monetary policy and so from that point one canning bet continuity who quit i think then become who.

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Jerome Powell, President Trump, Goldman Sachs discussed on Bloomberg Best

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