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So I'm not going to jeopardize I'm not gonna jeopardize that investigation by talking about it until it is completed. And that's just out of respect for the process. I'm Omarosa Lanny Davis. Michael cones, lawyers may. Made it clear that Michael Cohen is willing to tell what he knows about that matter to the congress to the congressional committees, the Senate Intel committee, judiciary committee or house. Are you willing to testify to congress, any of the congressional committees about what you all about the president and his knowledge of the Trump Tower meeting? Yes, yes, yes, anytime way, but they have not reached out and anytime anyplace and if they prosecutors now, let's be clear. I'm not inviting trouble, but. But, but let's say one of them might listening to this podcast. I have the truth on my side as well as one hundred emails and documents and other things. One hundred. I I'm not intimidated by that. Do you have because only people that get worried and intimidated or people who don't have truth on their side. I unfortunately, I've got about enough time for one more question. Okay. Well, here's, here's my last question which is based on what you know based on what you've seen based on documents that you have emails that you've retained. Do you believe that Donald Trump has committed impeachable offenses? Do you think he should the house of representatives should should should impeach him. Yes. Okay. And you'd be willing to testify at his trial before the Senate. You guys have advances from testified to trial to spin it. He goes on trial before the. That's the way that's the way the process works. I think I've made it very clear that I am fully willing and ready to deter testify to cooperate to help advance this investigation. But more importantly, I think people should read the book and get the background and understand where I'm coming from their what brought me to this place because I think that they will get a full scope of the inner workings of Trump world. Thank you, AMRO Amana, gold Newman. The book is unhinged and insider's account of the Trump White House, and it's great to have you on skulduggery. Thank you guys. Bye bye. Thanks, bye. And now as the walls are caving in on President Trump and the legal process is tightening the news to defend our president is Ann Coulter. Perhaps one of the most one of the president's most vigorous defenders. Her last book was called. If you can believe it in Trump we trust. I think pluribus. Awesome. I think that's a title that say, Michael Cohen might have some problems with this week anyway, and Coulter welcome to skulduggery. She got a new book out. Oh yes, we get the new right. And as a new book out called resistance is futile. How the Trump hating left lost its collective mind. I'm so happy to be here. This will probably be the only debate between the resistance and a Trump supporter debate. We just asked question. Okay. What? All right, Michael Cohen. Paul Manafort to people close to Donald Trump met Paul Manafort was his campaign chairman, Michael Kohn, his longtime lawyer and personal fixer. Both now guilty of federal felonies does not shake your trust in our president at all. No, not at all. No, I think it confirms my chapter on Muller being the Russian Asian, which I know you wanna turn to next anyway. This has absolutely nothing to do with the Trump campaign. I mean, I do wish and I wished at the time that it had just been Trump hope and chlorine Lewin Doussi I think things were going great when it was just the three of them toward the end. He was forced to hire someone delegates were. Being stolen. That's what Manafort came in for forgot, Roger stone's role at that point. But he was fired. Remember before campaign even started quite a bit according to him, yes. But in any event on, it has absolutely nothing to do with with Trump with Russian collusion and the Cohen Cohen flee. I mean, that just proves this is nothing but trying to get Trump. This is the silliest allegation. I have a chapter on Cohen, campaign finance, law. Aren't you hitting me? Okay. Well, what you say campaign finance law, you might get some snores, but if you say hush money to silence, women that the presence allegedly having an affair with that's a little all lease Xia isn't it? Allegedly had sex with..

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