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It's more than that. So you had this kind of effect. Now, another phenomenon that you have done, they will very much a member of. A dedicated ideological combating spoke about the computer said to sell a stream up and he was the only one to give it to them in a complete sentence more than that. It was very humble. Very motorist infidelity was portrayed this I must tell you that I joined the political system because of begging and the more years go by I have a lot of criticism against him from data recite. Comforting. You'll discover a lot of things that you can not appreciate I mean I still the my. But in the end I really think that he was you know to dedicate in the political system you cannot get gentleman you not be like Mongolian. Was a gentleman and in the political system mainly Neeson, you want to take over power you cannot be a gentleman you need. And that's a different than I can tell you know not expect that for instance, take depression agreement with West Germany grew up in a family that object the Germans in West Germany, and then when times go by understand the bengals was very wife. Taking the money from Germany because he was very poor at that time we used to look. Center at San Humble periods we absorbed two times of the population retaliation almost three times I'm thinking about nineteen, fifty, two, I mean at the beginning we. Relation in Appleton. Yeah, and then we tripled it but in that time. It was very practical. Now, I'm telling you that because and this is another thing that happened in the opposition you can say whatever you want about values about. And in the end when you become a prime minister, you ever made -ality and why list on civility executive sponsor ability was the second world that was looking for and why mentioning that because we're not begging all of his life was against tonio concessions against giving up territories and to give up the completely territory of cyanide in return of the peace treaty with Egypt now, it was against all of his values for so many years. Now, of course, he explained that to you know, Sinai's million at Gazan notable heights. But in the end you understand in that respect you that it's different when you only. have responsibility and Menachem begging understood it very much I. think it would show on set the term volume showing Mikan Law Mitcham things that you see a one point you don't see from another point Y-. Grid. Yeah. So begging was really controversial in early years and he really turned to be one of the most recognized leaders and I would say that now you know with Bibi even though. It's funny because even left is saying, oh, what begging did what Bacon said about the Supreme Court it's not the topic of what we're dealing. The hypocrites in that Menachem Begging, it was portrayed as ashes..

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