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Fountains at the thirty five and rolls to the near side line and down at the thirty one yard line at thirty seven yard punt for will hearts and Alabama will take over once more with mac Jones at the controls they run one play it was an eighty five yard touchdown strike to jury duty back to back in the state where he won the four A. state title here in Florida the ball is school in two thousand sixteen in his thirteenth career game third career start six foot two two hundred five pound redshirt sophomore out of Jacksonville winds up in the pistol back behind it a nice you here is to shift over to his left hip who's the snap widely read looks let those this land one thing is that if it's not about the speed that he has a past the stakes at the forty six yard line on their hash Rees brought down by a couple of Michigan defenders a lunging rabbits to Hans for fifteen yards and a first down before the corner the work hill brought him down and hard play action again you know pulling carts pulling tight ends hard downhill running back action and look like in our field type in a nice tough catch over the middle under center this time Johnson the forty six single back here soon after that giving here is stutter step no drive this little patch cord bulls his way for about two yards the forty eight yard line tackle by the quarterback coming up he read on this Alabama starts the game with a deep shot on the post scores an eighty five yard touchdown they come back the second drive and it looks like a nine on seven zero looks like there just in there like a problem with that big office of line now they spread it out not a shot gun Jones Harris on his right hip to receivers on each of the formation putting Miller for start back from which screen white side everyone could see rain pants the good space tackling Josh Mattel is the safe even grabs rugs at the midfield marker to shore eight of two and sets up third down at six eleven forty to play first quarter seven nothing Alabama will be to the ball yeah Michigan was in full at all with the wide receiver screen there you talked about Josh metallic gray tackler reminds me a little bit of a you know some of the great thing is that a place here in Michigan from the cloth a third of the gun that killed the motion here is wide awake to empty out the set three receivers less chance I snapped disagreement Michigan was quick it's nearly No Way from Henry rugs does the polite heavily at the forty five of basically the past broken up by the senior from Detroit and it's a third down stop provisions defense forcing an Alabama but really nice job I don brown defensive coordinator Michigan a only rush three guys they drop dating to coverage contemplated Tampa two with an extra guy and mac Jones led the receiver just allow out too far that cover to plow corner on the sideline was there to make the play in the big hit like putting unit is on I was planning to leave your Mike here is a list that as the plans are now now we're gonna get a listing there's a flag on the way back in line to leave the office I can only support them like a mother she doesn't need official for the pac twelve officiating crews body build is back to return for Michigan Adam we're up here on the opposite side of Alabama sideline and I can hear their sidelines reaming from here on out all the way up here in our press food about the substitution for getting the right people into the game here for this one and that was what the confusion was here for Alabama Jones is back twenty two are like this in a way that people don't scratch at the seventeen yard line and he is muscle down immediately excellent coverage it's still fun day Smith the excellent wide receiver Dixie likes to play his studs on special teams and he makes the stop after a thirty eight yard punt Michigan will have the football at its own fifteen on the other side ten minutes to play opening quarter Alabama seven Michigan nothing this is a verbal citrus bowl on ESPN radio and ESPN half for a will you cannot go forward with James Winston and Bruce area you can go for James Winston for Bruce Arians but I know how you go for with gamers Winston and Bruce there well with this color back we go with another perfect Bruce is saying there is.

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