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Ransomware attacks against hospitals are on the rise


The FBI and Homeland Security warned that Chinese hackers are trying to break into us. Companies and health organizations to steal research and intellectual property related to the new corona virus and international authorities have been warning for weeks that militias. Hackers are stepping up ransomware attacks against hospitals and healthcare providers that's when they break into networks and hold data hostage until the organizations pay. Let's dig into all of this and quality assurance the segment where we take a deeper look at big tech story. Marketplace's Scott Tong has been reporting on this from Washington. Inter poll the US government. Google Microsoft. All come out and said you know. There's a lot more attempts to get into hospitals healthcare networks drug companies working on a vaccine all of that. Take your data steal it or locked up so you can't get access to it so it certainly seems like. It is a heightened threat. There's more going on so about these warnings. Do we have a sense of what hackers are trying to get at? When they attacked these healthcare organizations the wordings have not been very specific as to what they're trying to get but what they say. Is You know. Be careful if you are a company working on a new technology a vaccine or testing technology. You should be worried so it kind of implies that's what the bad guys would naturally be after what are the attack methods. One of them is the software to get somebody in organization. Click the wrong thing as spoken to some cyber analysts. Say there's a website that looks really similar to that Johns Hopkins Global Map of the Corona virus that so many of us have clicked on if you click on the wrong thing share than the malware kind gets into your computer. There's also the fake emails and and some of them out there pretend to be from the boss of a company and then there's tools to candidate in just by hacking weak spots in a company network. And then there's another one to Kinda Rome inside the network to see what's there and another tool to lock up the data and then you can notify the people at the company the Organization to say well you know it. You don't have access to your data anymore at now you have to pay. Do we have any sense of of weather like these organizations are more or less secure? Are they in any way equipped to sort of hand deal with this at the same time that they're dealing with a massive public health crisis well people who have watched this and spoken to one person who actually negotiates on behalf of healthcare organizations and hospitals When they get hacked in this way and in what they described as many hospitals in general they don't have the latest version of software. A lot of hospitals and diagnostic machines are running on windows. Xp and they have a lot of people coming in and they're just crazy busy right now even though the authorities say well don't WanNa pay the ransom because you're rewarding bad behavior. Well if you have lives to save you might be a little bit more inclined to pay even if you're not supposed to

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