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Do Headings Really Impact Your Rankings


Super committed to your success online. We've worked with them. To a special offer just remarking school listeners. All you have to do is go to dream. Host DOT COM slash marking school to learn more and get your website online today. Welcome to Ain other episode of marketing. School I'm Eric. Su and I'm meal and today we are going to talk about if headings really impact your rankings. So this one is in relation to Neil's surprising that test results. So apparently Neil. You've done some good tests with headings in the past. Yes I did so everyone. Seo Talks about Oh you need to have h one heading per page and then at age two for subsections than three and Yada Yada Yada Yada. So let's let's talk about. I mean like 'cause yeah back when I first started learning. Seo Only the H. One tag the most important one right. So what is the reality? What kind of data do you have the share? Sure so we did a test. I did email blast asking who want to participate. Outta part of my list saying he wants participation. Seo Experiment with headings and from the experiment we had sixty one websites that had enough traffic. Because if you don't have enough traffic it's hard to tell if a change is actually impacting your rankings. Or not an each site on average had four hundred twenty six pages and then what we did. Is We change a portion of their pages to see if headings had impact and the changes were broken into four different groups one was a control group in which you left a portion of their pages as is whether they had headings or not just left him. As is so that way you can see what's happening to their traffic overtime on those pages then with the next group. We made sure that they're using H. One headings h two h three etcetera incorrectly then with the next group that third one we just use normal paragraph text and we made sure all the font sizes where the same for the whole page believe it or not and for the fourth group. We use normal paragraphs instead of headings and we adjusted the font sizes so because even in paragraphs can have some paragraphs some words embraces larger font size and others so those are the four groups got it and so practical takeaways. What can people do about this? What we ended up learning was look if you use a heading versus not using a heading. We didn't see really much of a difference in Traffic. But we did see a drop when you just use paragraph tax and all the tech size was the same and we saw a decline in traffic compared to the others by roughly six point four two percent but when we tested using paragraph tax but adjusting the sizes so the title wouldn't be a heading but it's still be larger size we still saw increase and traffic and what that led us to believe is look Google's on looking at headings using h. One H. Two H. Threes but they are looking to see what areas of a pager putting more emphasis on by things through larger font size and we also saw is when all the texts on. Your page has the same font. High you don't really use headings or any of that you're bouncing roughly stays the same but your time onsite dropped by. Roughly twelve percent is what we saw during our experiment. So that tells Google that. Hey your user. Metrics aren't as good so it's causing people to lose their traffic so our recommendations. Are you still use? Headings things like accessibility software leverages headings and even if Google isn't specifically looking for h. One H. Two H. Three tag which are heading tags. They are looking for words and phrases that are indifferent on sizes so they can figure out what a page is about which is pretty much the same concept as using a heading is just most Out there make it easier to use heading than it does free

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