Why Billy Porter says he cant be a politician


I'm Jonathan Kaye. Part and this is Cape Up. Billy Porter has a Tony for Kinky a grammy for kinky booths an emmy for his role as prey tail in the television. Show pose even. If you didn't know any of that you probably heard about that. Black Velvet Tuxedo Gown quarter war to the Oscars in twenty nine thousand nine hundred. It was an instant station and made the popular actor and singer in instant cultural icon. We talked all about that moment and how once he was true to himself. His career really took off and we talk politics. Quarter loves to talk about politics and explained during a conversation about the groner virus why he could never be a politician. Talk in October here at all right now. Billy Porter thank you so much for coming on the PODCAST. Thanks for having me. Okay so we gotta get the big news out of the way I and that is the Matt Galle. You and vogue teamed up to do a called. Hashtag met Gal Challenge. It was people going on instagram. To recreate the fashions that have come through the red carpet. Where did this idea come from? Was it. Yours was Anna winters? Well we started at me and my team started it with my own personal social media platform and audience. And you know with all the fabulous that I am and the stuff that people know me for. I don't think people realize how political I am and how serious I am. And so in this time I wanted to give my people something to distract them. A little bit While simultaneously not having to engage myself. Because I don't really feel very fashion oriented right now. I don't feel very silly right now. Like I'm having a hard time sort of mustering energy to just be goofy and filthy. I WanNa push you on that. Because at the met gala last year was when you were brought in as I guess a Sun Goddess or Cleopatra and and it was at the Oscars in twenty nineteen when you showed up in a in a black Christian Serio Tuxedo gown and I saw the instagram post or the Social Media. It just blew up and it was such an iconic moment. Do you understand. Just how big that Oscar gown you was. Yeah I understand on paper. I understand in theory. It's a really heady experience you know because I just found a space over the fifty years of my life to kind of just stand in my truth and get zero fs to anybody or anything and really just be authentic and so much to do. That wasn't about going by world much leads to do that was. That's just what to do. And you know there are conversations that need to be had in this world and when one has a platform as I have been able to build and create especially over the last couple of years I do understand the power and the impact that something like that could have. I didn't realize how big it could be I mean it literally speak of it as like B. O. A. O. In terms of my life before Oscar after Oscar like my life is completely different. And that's why I was pushing you on this idea you. You're saying you didn't feel like being silly. And yet before Oscar after Oscar is a great way to put it because when you strode across the red carpet in that Black Velvet Tuxedo gown. It was a thunder clap for a whole lot of communities. You told our friend or mutual. Good friend Tamarin on her show you said you spend a lot of your life quote unquote in the masculinity game. Talk about that what are you what did you mean by that when you said well you know from the moment. I could comprehend thoughts. My masculinity was in question and in our culture and our society masculinity as at the top of the food chain and if you're not masculine enough you're dismissed. I was sent to a psychologist when I was five years old in kindergarten after every Wednesday at school to talk to somebody because my family thought I was too much of it so from the minute I could literally comprehend thought the messaging I received was. There's something wrong with you. And it's based on how you behave and that needs to be fixed so I live my whole life in that. And then you know. Get into business and it's amplified one hundred times more You know and I spent the first half of my life and my career in that masculinity game trying to be masculine enough so that I can eat so that I could get a job so I could get paid so I can eat. There came a time in my late thirties. Early Forties late thirties. I would say mid to late thirty where I just got sick And I- extracted myself from that part of the toxicity of what it can mean and leaned in to all the things that I was told would be my liability all of the things that I lived as a liability. They weren't wrong. They the people were not wrong. You know I took every hit that I could take not being masculine enough. I took them all it then. I decided that I didn't

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