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Coming keeps coming down, just took another. The last president Trump is expected to file paperwork before the week is over the cancel the Obama era DACA program, which is shielded. Many immigrants who were brought to the US as Children from deportation of previous attempts by President Trump to cancel the executive order was shot down by the Supreme Court on procedural grounds. United States is officially out of the World Health Organization. The president announcing in May that the U. S was going to terminate its partnership, and this is US radio news balance of nature. Changing the world one life at a time. I haven't got a cold and doing have years my wife can I get my track record? Because she seeming not get sick. My daughter got sick over Christmas. My wife got in about three days after she left. I went through. Both of them didn't get sick. I tell people I like to think my immune system is armed up and I'm able to repel these simple, stupid cold. If it isn't that what is

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