There's a need for parents to be able to know that their Children are safe


Revoked license and failure to yield US Supreme Court has handed down a pair of 7 to 2 rulings on President Trump's tax returns. In the first, the justices ruled in Manhattan prosecutor does have the legal right to subpoena records from Trump's financial institutions. In the second it rejected on effort by House lawmakers to subpoena similar records. Associated Press Supreme Court correspondent Mark Sherman reports that both rulings can be considered it. Least a short term win for the president decisions in both cases, even though Trump lost the case involving the district attorney probably means that none of the records that are being sought would become public before the election at the very earliest and because the tax returns are being sought as part of a criminal grand jury investigation. Which is normally confidential. It's not clear that those would ever become top Pentagon leaders still Congress that recent reports of Russia offering Taliban militants bounties on U. S troops. Were found to be uncorroborated by defense intelligence agencies, but that the reports are still being looked into. I'm an outrage,

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