Patchwork Junkie with Kyle Dean Houston


Hello everyone welcome to the addicted mind podcast, my guest today is Kyle Anderson author of Patchwork, Junkie and Kyle. Why don't you introduce yourself? -Ture Brown first of all I just want to thank you, this is. It's always great. People do their best to give a platform for conversations like this, so I really appreciate, it's connected to you and your audience just really quickly first and foremost I, my husband, a father and proud of both of those things I'm also a sales executive and a coach and a spear as well as an author and spach were. Yeah, thank you so much for coming on. And we were just talking earlier about being DADS and and fatherhood, and the beauty that comes with that so I'm excited to hear about your story. And why don't we just start at the beginning? How how did this all start? And then we'll get to how you ended up writing the book, but tell me a little bit about the beginning sure. I'm assuming you don't WanNa know that was born in the seventies or any of that stuff, so we'll just start with the addiction. We'll just leap into it if you don't mind. Yeah Yeah, so, what ended up happening I was a young entrepreneur in Missouri Twenty, four twenty five years old, and I had my own carpet store and some strange fate I got addicted to meth amphetamine in a very short period of my life I started using needles. The only way I'm ever going to quit. I mean I just spiraled into a deep depression and was convinced the only way I was ever going to get sober was an overdose and I tried my best had. I ended up teaching myself how to Cook Meth as an act of survival, and ended up becoming one of the biggest meth cooks Kansas City in the early nineties, instead of having an overdose I got arrested was facing. Thirty years of my life ended up in a cell by myself for twenty three hours a day for almost a year. I'm going to read this story tremendously, but ended up getting a nine year sentence from that, and then when I went off to do my nine years when I was about to get ruled out, ended up, getting indicted by the fans and I was facing life, so a lot of this is in the book. Don't want to ruin any of the story. Then ended up doing seven years by the grace of God it. A total of seven years behind bars walked at the age of thirty five scared to death, no college degree, no network I'd never even sent an email and I went from a ten dollar an hour employee at a call center I was the guy that used to call up. Issue to take a brief clip for your to your engine on your verizon, but went from that to a decade later, becoming a vice president cited two billion dollars of trade. And Bat Artemije story is very complex and difficult side lights. That's it in a very small concise nutshell, so really going through all of it right right from the very beginning to finding a place for yourself. That feels right at at the end. And you are able to to find your way well. I think just like everybody. The answer's Yes. Of course it is, it's a it's a glorious story right living. It was not as fun as failing it I promise you, but the baggage not so obvious. Is that ten years that I spent? Climbing. The ladder of Gordon America was ten years, shame ills and fear that I would wish on anybody so my story with the exception of my beautiful wife, and all of the great things that happened in those in years, but romy. My story really starts when I. Sit down the right book, which was a couple of years ago. Because that's when I let go of the. The baggage that's when I started the healing process as when I stopped white, knuckling everything in life

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