People march to celebrate Juneteenth in cities across the country


Cross the country yesterday people gather to mark Juneteenth the day in eighteen sixty five when the last in slave people in Texas heard that they've been set free two years earlier by the Emancipation Proclamation for African Americans and others are today to commemorate reflect and ask your team is all about us as a people five reparation is celebrating our freedom and independence derailed to bias trying to rally calling for reparations in New Orleans on Friday who probably still on all of the free and independent however will also go start in my opening at a gathering in Detroit charity dean director of the city civil rights inclusion and opportunity department said Juneteenth is it time to expose her deeply ingrained racism has been an American society saying that define our country generations and never make there is because it's so hard it's hard our response to continued to celebrate and to continue to educate so that we can liberate ourselves in Birmingham Alabama Celestino hood who marched with Dr Martin Luther king junior in nineteen sixty three took the microphone at a rally against injustice sheer straight line from the civil rights movement of the twentieth century to new generations of protesters on the streets this summer yeah yeah M. A. Williams was also with why okay right you right we have celebrations and protests continue across the country

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