Democrats demand investigation over firing of powerful New York federal prosecutor


The chair of the house Judiciary Committee at representative Jerrold Nadler confirming he's planning on issuing a subpoena to Attorney General bill bar that to compel testimony about the firing of U. S. attorney Geoffrey Berman over the weekend Berman was investigating trump associates Senate minority a Democrat Chuck Schumer as the senator from New York I will not return a blue slip on Mr Clayton's nomination but regardless Jay Clayton should withdraw his name from consideration and refused to be an accomplice to this game there appears to be no legitimate motive to fire Mr Berman which leaves the obvious question for president trump and Attorney Attorney General General trying trying to to remove remove them them for for a a corrupt corrupt motive motive was was it it because because Mr Mr Berman Berman of of the the Southern Southern District District of of New New York York or or pursuing pursuing criminal criminal investigations investigations into into president president trump trump and and his his associates associates president president certainly certainly has has a a pattern pattern of of firing firing government government watchdogs watchdogs were were investigating investigating his his misconduct misconduct or or that that of of his his associates associates we we need need an an immediate immediate top to bottom investigation into what transpired with applied to dismiss Mr Berman every time the president breaks a window the Senate Republican majority dutifully sweeps up the glass every Blue Moon or sell Republican senator will issue a mild rebuke of the president's behavior behavior Dennis Dennis wrongly wrongly worded worded letter letter but but the the response response is is never never commensurate commensurate with with the the offense offense and and as as a a result result president president trump trump knows knows there's there's no no lines lines he he can't can't cross cross Berman Berman was was never never formally formally nominated nominated to to the the post post despite despite having having been been personally personally interviewed interviewed for for the the job job by by the the president president instead instead he he was was installed installed by by a a federal federal court you heard as Schumer mentioned Clayton residents of replacement pick now in response to president trump saying he wasn't involved with the firing of Berman White House press secretary Kaylee McEntee is said that the president was only involved in a sign off capacity and that Attorney General bill Barr requested the termination bar claiming that the president requested that the termination

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