Ep. 3,065: UFC on ESPN 12 recap, Hooker Vs Poirier breakdown, more - burst 10


For Hooker? What might be next for? Dustin Pedroia, how did the newbies you know how to the new fighters do? the reebok distribution money. How how's that working out? What about the callouts are the likely to get who they want? These fighters that are calling out. Vegas, the rookie report. That's what I wanted to call. One of the pieces that came out grading the newcomers in Las Vegas. Of course, there's twitter reactions. Things like that. the bonuses I already told you those but. And of course you know all the different little results there accompanied by some video highlights coal coffee was. In attendance! Doing that doing that stuff? Also the staff picks is pretty popular. You can go in and see how you did compared to others. I think you might have done all right. Did I from what I remember? Let me see I thought when you turned yours. Then think he might have done okay I had Poi- Perry, Allen and green so I went forno. How'd you do? Foyer paranoid. You're the same. Let's see how the leaders did, but that's kind like expected of me. You know no Nolan King. He went foreign. Oh! And Fodder Honolulu she had Dan Hooker and Meka Gall. So she. She's in second place and she was behind by one to Nolan. So. She's behind by three now. Dan Tom was behind. Both of them wanted Fara

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