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As the highlights from Mexico City.


Canada Agreement so named by President Trump will have a big impact on the auto industry in order for Otto's to be exported terror free. Will now need to include more North American content. Mexico must also pay higher wages, too skilled workers and do more to eliminate illegal child labor. Israel is moving forward to annex Jewish settlements in the West Bank, angering Palestinians more from CBS's Robert Burger reporting from Jerusalem. Israel is pressing ahead with plans to a next parts of the West Bank. Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Shatha anger is there this satisfaction is they're all these are recipe for problems. Toe come. Israel says annexation of most Jewish settlements is allowed under President Trump's Mideast peace plan in Hong Kong today. Police have made their first arrest under a new national security law. A protester was carrying a flag calling for Hong Kong independence. Police also used water cannons to disperse activist critics fear the new law will crush freedoms in that global financial center. This is CBS News. Double The GOP news time now 303 Wednesday morning. Good week. Welcome to a new months. July 1st 2020. Hazy, hot, humid today. Scattered

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