MLB Restart: Everything You Need to Know About Spring Training 2.0

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Jesse the day is finally here. Baseball players are reporting. Play Ball. I mean that's exactly what everyone is thinking. We're finally at a place where we can start watching baseball instead of just talking about Labor problems. Jesse Rogers covers baseball for ESPN. Jesse you've been covering mobis attempt to get restarted since they shut down and today. You've got this piece out on Spring Training two point zero David. Sean filled which you informed us. They're calling summer camp a lot of sense to it. There's a lot to cover, so let's start here. After weeks of contentious and ultimately failed negotiations between baseball, and the Players Association which we documented here. The League is finally implemented a sixty game season, which is set to start on July, twenty third or twenty fourth players are reporting two camps today in many cases of their home stadiums. What do you expect that scene to look like? Packing lots are going to turn into intake testing sites. I think that's the first thing we're GONNA. See obviously. Every stadium is different. Some will be accessible for fans or cameraman to shoot. Others will be. Accessing let's face it so to see a line of cars obviously throughout the day. For throughout the next couple of days, pulling in players are going to get tested, and then they're going to go back home for the next twenty four or forty hours whenever they are cleared to come back or if they have a positive test, they're gonNa, say stayed home. They're gonNA. have to go through some jump through some hurdles. Jump through some hoops. I should say before they can come back and start spring training two point, oh, or or summer camp as you mentioned so first and foremost. Is The testing outside the stadiums? Nobody's GonNa go down in the locker room in the clubhouse in the traders room and get tested because you're positive, the already potentially spreading it around you. There's been sort of names or numbers trickling out on baseball players like players in other sports testing positive starting today. Are we just going to get a wave of numbers of positive tests? You never know if we're get it today or twenty four forty eight hours from now because there is a lag time, basically the answer your question is yes. Some people think as many as one hundred fifty players are going to test positive. Now there's up to eighteen hundred players reporting so maybe one fifty doesn't sound like a lot of other people think it might be a lot less than that fifty to seventy five players, but there will be dozens of players testing positive. That is the expectation, and then of course those players have to be isolated before they could get back on the field. That involves being tested in coming up with negative tests twice over the span of twenty four hours to separate tests. And there's a couple of hurdles after that as well, but yeah, the expectation is there will be positive tests in an potentially in dozens or more in the coming days. So what happens when players either test negative or recover, and then they get in basically, what does a typical summer training day look like? One thing they're going to try to do is obviously social distance as much as they can. When the whole team has to be on the field, they have to be on the field, but they will do their best to stagger some workouts. A picture might throw separate from everyone else because that's the only thing he's doing that day, and then he leaves the park. Obviously, the game does provide. Provide some distance just in where they are situated situated on the field, unlike some of the other sports now during a game, there are moments where runner, obviously at first base is going to be next to that first baseman or what he slides into second base, and he's getting tagged, but the sport does lend itself to being socially distance as much as any other sport. That's out there. So this will be happening at home ballparks across the country correct. Yes they decided a few weeks ago to do this. That's where the teams want to do it. That's where the players want to do it. It turns out Arizona and Florida are spiking also. That's where spring training is held for all thirty teams, and it probably would not have been a good idea to be down there right now. Anyway, but players didn't want to go back there. In hundred degree he and being some sort of bubble. The League was trying to formulate. They said let's just do spring training at our home ballparks. Yes, we won't be able to play the other teams like we normally do in spring training early GonNa have intra squad games until the very end. Where maybe the cubs play the white sox dodgers play the angels. Mets play the Yankees, but for the most part. It's going to be just their team inside their home stadium.

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