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Dr Anthony Fauci said he wanted


Dr Anthony Fauci said he wanted be surprised if the United States hit 100,000 Corona virus cases a day. If the situation doesn't improve, very concerned because it could get very bad. The nation is already seeing 40,000 new cases a day. And while not all states are experiencing a surge found, she still said it puts the entire country at risk. Catherine Folders. ABC NEWS Washington. Others testifying today include CDC Director Robert Redfield, FDA administrator Stephen Han as well. The committee chair Republican Senator Lamar Alexander, calling on President Trump during that hearing, asking him to wear a mask in public, saying it's a simple life saving practice. And former Vice President Joe Biden, the president's presumptive challenger, made remarks on this in Delaware today, he unveiled a bit more of a strategy to fight Covad, 19 if he makes it to the White House, speaking to reporters in Wilmington, Delaware, by And said he'd take quick, decisive action against Cove in 19 and offer a safe harbor for scientists in his administration immediately reach out

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