NFLPA's Smith: Workouts go against player safety


Figure out what is the right way for players to get ready to play in the NFL. Without undue risk, and the undue risk this offseason is exposure to the thing that for a long time shutdown all sports in this country, the Corona virus in the cove in 19 pandemic, So we've seen quarterbacks quarterback specifically right. I'm sure it's happening everywhere. Let's have more places and yet, but we've seen two very visible situations. Tom Brady, trying to get with his new team, the Patriots, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and get them going. Russell Wilson also working out with teams in Seattle, sort of in a very public way, trying to get the chemistry and get it going because we haven't had a TA is in many camps in all this off season, and we're a month away from starting training camps will divorce Smith, the head of the Players Association, the NFLPA, the executive director, said. Look, guys, don't do this. The the NFLPA doctor has come out, said Don't work out with each other. And tomorrow. Smith tried to reinforce that over the weekend by saying, Look, guys, what you're doing is in Congress with the message we're trying to send, which is stay healthy. Stay safe so we can get to training camp. And start the regular season. And then you have Tom Brady holding these very public workouts, and Russell Wilson, I'm sure more free for doing it. But those are the eyes and those of the people that we see well, and quite honestly, I see both sides of it. I I see what the more Smith again when you're ahead of the union. It's the majority that you're you're trying to protect You correct one of the reasons that the last Ciba past because it benefitted more of the majority. On this one. And that's what that's what the head of the union has to look out for. And remember the last debate. When players wanted a different type of OT, a system they wanted less two a days padded practices in two days, it was all about player safety. And now you're going into a season where there's going to be a whole lot of player safety and covert testing and such and dear saying, guys, if you want me to talk to the league and about player safety in the league is just going to look at me and say How much your players really care about safety. Look at all the quarterbacks out there with 89 other teammates, disregarding not helping the what you're supposed to be doing when covert around so I understand more society that and I understand the player's side of quite honestly, I understand player if I were still a player now I was in a position to D line where you're not getting together with everybody and having workouts. But if I was a quarterback or a receiver or in this case is at the centre goes there, too. And my quarterback was like, especially if it's a new quarterback, even if it's not. Hey, let's get together. Work like hell. Yeah, let's go. I mean, right in this, I would be doing the exact same thing. So a lot of them are Jeff

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