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EU travel list excludes US, other COVID-19 hot spots


The European Union will reopen its borders to visitors, but from more than a dozen countries tomorrow, the U. S is not one of them. ABC NEWS Foreign correspondent James Long Men, This is a blow on both sides of the Atlantic, Europe's famous landmarks and beaches and only a magnet for American tourists on a major source of income here. For travelers from the U. S. Will not be allowed into Europe. When Borders reopen tomorrow. America joins Russia and Brazil on a long list of countries considered too risky. That risk centers on a number of U. S states now seeing a rise in new cases of the Corona virus. Overall, the US covert death rate is not rising. Still today, the top U. S infectious disease doctor and the head of the CDC both told Congress that Americans should continue to practice social distancing to wear face coverings in public and wash their hands

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