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Together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes 203


Traffic on the threes 203 and happening right now. Downtown 93 South bound. You're just under the speed limit. Passing a double right lane closure from the Tobin over the Zika Man through the only tunnel Exit 24. Callahan. Government center. That exit is closed. Carpooling is also down for the night on the airport tunnel, summer and Callahan or find Ted Williams tell the right lane is closed in the westbound sides. Under the speed limit on the pike, you're down two lanes and slow to the potential tunnel on the westbound side. Tobermory job found also has two lanes closed just a brief delay. Their soldiers feel road West closes at Cambridge Street. Follow the detour. You're back on it. North Harvard Street north of Town, 93 North bound Watch for paving project happening on the overnight between 45 2 13 in Matthew in 93 South, the left lane is closed between 1 28 Mon fail have no delay there. 1 28 does have delays with work crews taking lanes both ways. But Endicott Street in Danvers, Route three. 20 minutes between Tings Burrow and Burlington. No worries on for 95 Route one south of the city Expressway is wide open in both directions. 93 South and Randolph. The ramp to Route 24 is closed through three. North bound slows a bit passing a work zone by Route 1 39 in Norwood, 24 95 or no trouble west of the city on the pike westbound going to slow down getting by a setup at Newton Corner, Just a bit a very minor dally there. And then we do have work crews and after the Native Service Plaza that won't slow you down it all route to East stalls getting by work crews by route to and lemons there and then we have lane closures in both directions through the conquered rotary for 95 South bound your Donna Lane with a brief delay by 2 90 in Marlborough. Route nine is fine. This report sponsored by unbound dot org's right now. They're young people across the world facing a tough choice,

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