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Update you more coming up. California Highway Patrol officers have located at missing 12 year old boy the subject of an amber alert out of Colorado. They spot a spotted the car. Last night on Interstate five and Stockton. So the mother taken into custody without incident and the child now in protective custody. So if you were following that amber alert that has been settled. It's 5 16 now. The Golden State killer pleaded guilty to multiple charges in court yesterday, and Sacramento District Attorney Amory Schubert was one of the key figures behind bringing him to Justice Cape CASE. My Blunt spoke with her about the hearing and the potential of new DNA technology. To solve more cold cases. Kitty in just over seven hours of prosecutors were calling the crimes of Joseph James D'Angelo, the man known as the Golden State killer. He only spoke in a frail voice to acknowledges guilt for the victims and the family members of victims. Schubert says the moment was emotional and raw, the product of a 40 year search for the man responsible. To really sit and listen to the facts and very, very specific details, I think was was very difficult for people. But you know, As I said yesterday, it really was a day of reckoning. As a prosecutor, Schubert helped lead the charge to solve the county's most notorious cold cases, including ones associated with the East Area rapist, one of the nicknames given to the Golden State killer. She says that happened before anyone in law enforcement even knew D'Angelo was a serial killer. My first day in a case was in the mid nineties, and then when I was here in Sacramento, you know, I went to Jan Scully at the time and said, I really think we should start a cold case unit and we ought to try to sell these terror rapist, So my involvement with East Air rapists began around 2000. Schubert, who grew up in Sacramento, says she also remembers the terror of the East area rapists inflicted on the community felt strongly that you know, people wanted to know who did this, whether he was alive or dead. And Schubert says she knew DNA was going to be the tool that will help law enforcement catch him. I believe strongly, Indiana is the greatest tool ever to find the truth, no matter what the truth is, it can identify people the King's honoree people. D'Angelo was ultimately caught after DNA taken from a rape kit many years ago was uploaded to a family genealogy website from their investigators were able to hone in on DeAngelo is a suspect after eliminating other family members who didn't fit the genetic profile. He worked in the areas that the times the crimes were committed, and investigators believe the suspect was either ex military or law enforcement. D'Angelo was both Since the time of the arrest of the Angelo. I mean, we have a few cases here that we've

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