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Make it Stop: Season 3 Finale Part 2- Corey Feldman - 'Angelic 2 The Core' (w/ Tooky Kavanagh and Dicky Stock) - burst 04



Jackson had a car leaving new. York City and for some reason wouldn't let for. Some reason wouldn't let Corey Feldman on the escape vehicle. Marlow Endo was in there. He wrote a song. The said I believed in your words. I believed in your lies, but in September in New York you left me to die I. think if he got molested than he wouldn't have written about the worst thing that the guy did to him. Being stranding him in New York on nine eleven Dunno, just in regards to that lyric, imagine being in New York on nine eleven, and you just see like the planes like flying into the building, and you're like what the fuck and then you look over and Corey Feldman running after like Michael. Jackson's fucking car. Wait Up.

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