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What he what he sounded! Set You. Can't even look at you. Oh, man, Peyton is rough on those kids. Yeah, all right. So been quite a trip for you. All of that all right? You're distracting from the point I'm sorry, yes, we talk about. We talked about camelot Aaron a lot. Payton, probably number one but Cam Newton on that list I'm so fascinated. Watch Cam Newton is a patriot, and it is personally. This is tearing me apart. I have to admit for the last however many years I've I've staunchly rooted against the Patriots, but I root for can I can't help it I like him. I have never rooted for the panthers when they're playing against the SEAHAWKS, but I do like Cam and I root for him to succeed the fact that you know he's going to try to. To make this comeback attempt on what seven and a half million dollars a year with bill check and I'll admit I also kind of a bill to prove that he's been the more important piece than Brady and I want Cam to prove that he can be elite again. I might have to be rooting for them this year. Which is going to tear me up inside? Yeah, this is a this is a fascinating one because you can kind of speak to it in unique ways because you've lived there. You went back to work there, you think. Did the bill ballot check show better than anybody else in the history of Boston. Well many that you were there and the seahawks a played Cam Newton every year. They played them in the playoffs. They have played him right I think every single season back and forth and EMBIID Games and meaningful games, and and really tightly and highly contested games for for the majority of all of those, so you have immense background kind of on both of those two worlds collide, and I guess before we can make judgments, and there's a whole bunch conversations around. Do you think this works yes? Of course it does. Are there people out there who don't think this works. The Patriots are now. Third Best Team in the AFC. Right I mean I think you gotta still say the Kansas City in Baltimore ahead of them based on what they did last year, and what they did this year and some of the unknown. Who is there another team? In the AFC you'll take a head of the Patriots right now without knowing anything else. That's going to happen this year. I think. The colts are a team. Like their roster. Nope, I is a is a roster that roster. One through fifty three. nope, Nope Nope, Nope, now with Philip Rivers. Air Sorry, Hayden on Philip Rivers not, but I'm not gonNA take them ahead of a bill belichick team as long as they get Philip rivers well. You've got in his career. No, what you have as far as the health and the in the got Bill Belichick, you do the only other team I would I would maybe consider putting them there. There no, Gosh. No, no, I would consider Tennessee based on what they did at the end of the year. The defense rail seems like he's a really good coach, but they also have Ryan Tannehill. Why didn't Tennessee get Cam Newton because the SEAGATE's eighteen year. Baby learned. That is absurd. That Ryan Tannehill is GonNa make eighteen million dollars a year and Cam Newton just sitting out. There say that allowed. It's insane. How is that even possible? Because Cam was hurt shoulder I think many people like clowns. Needy people believe and are very. Skeptical and are just not gonNA. Give big time money to to somebody that got that and you know wasn't very good the last year and a half that he played Cam Newton. I'll tell. You done for me. We'll take say. What have you done for me? Lately League but Ryan. Tannehill is not good. No, one thinks Ryan Tannehill is good. That guy's GonNa get eighteen million dollars this year cam. Newton was just sitting I think Mike Vrabel believes Ryan Tannehill. Good I. Bet you have. Mike variable had a chance to upgrade. He would take it I. Think of my. Grebo is a good coach like you said he is and kind of prove that a season ago. Then good coaches don't let their GM sign a sucky quarterback eighteen million dollars a year I. Believe that. Tannehill in their system can be good and really good. In fact, one a couple of playoff games and I think they played the AFC championship game. It's funny that you bring up. The old Bill Bella show that I did because one one of my only memories. I've blocked most of it. We have some. Hope so One of my only memories of that was sort of asking bell. Check off the hair boat Ryan Tannehill. Ballot check can be sort of nasty on the. You gotta hear the way. He sort of good like dismissive of you dismissive of Tanna, Hill, he was actually very nice to us off the air. I mean I think again I do think. He appreciated that when he just didn't want to talk about the Patriots, I would just ask him about the giants giants teams. He was happy to talk about Lawrence Taylor and Carl banks that was always fun, but Has. Put tannahill and he's just like. Just like yeah, Give Them A. I mean look just interpreting. Maybe he wasn't actually being dismissive. Maybe was dismissing me. My took it as being dismissive of Tannahill, but it's entirely possible. He didn't want to answer. The question laughed at me and move it along, but I. Don't know man I'll take I'll take the Patriots right now over any team in the AFC other than Baltimore in Kansas City and we'll wait and see what happens, but they're the best team in the AFC east again. I would say their odds on favorites to win the AFC. Don't you think? And you said seven and a half Mil. That's reaching every incentive I'm gonNA guess, right. I mean with without incentives and if he doesn't play, they cut him and probably not out any money. Which is just? Ridiculous, right? It is just A. It's just a remarkable marketplace. That is one thing you mentioned. Those old giants teams in that that is the one thing. The Bella check does not a parcells playbook.

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