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Marion Giannopoulos, Abdul Zobar And Michigan discussed on Newsradio 950 WWJ 24 Hour News


Eight mile. State police say the victim was in a car that was exiting onto eight mile early Monday morning when someone in another car pulled up and started shooting. The 37 year old woman died at the hospital. The man driving the car was also injured. Information about the kiss condition is not known. Michiganders will have to wait some time before enjoying the casinos and the gym. But Governor Gretchen Whitmer wants students to get ready to go back to school in the fall. The requirements outlined in the newly released returned to school road map will depend on what phase the state of Michigan is in on the my safe start plan come September. For example, for regions of the state in phase for where the majority of the lower peninsula presently remains. The requirements would be stringent facial coverings are worn by staff at all times. Except for meals. Official coverings are worn pre K to 12 students, staff and bus drivers during transportation when they've congregated, Uh, facial coverings are worn and hallways in common areas by pre K to 12 students in the buildings was they're transitioning and that they're worn all day. S terms by staff and students 6 to 12. Great. But the governor says if Michigan can advance statewide to stage five, the so called covert containment stage, such choices would be up to each individual school district. The governor, adding she is already asking the Michigan High School Athletic Association to consider the postponement of traditional fall sports like football until next spring. John Hewett WWJ a news radio, 9 50 Meantime, after giving back to area youth for half a century, the head of Lake Orient schools is bowing out. Current superintendent Marion Giannopoulos is retiring after 10 years with this with the district there, but I have to tell you this is a very tough time for our school. Our kids, our families, our staff with all that's going on with pandemic for sure. Despite the challenges, Giannopoulos is extremely proud of the teachers that dealt with at home learning during the pandemic. One of our teachers, I remember she said to me, Oh, my goodness is, she said it took me five hours to prepare a science experiment. To share with the kids online. So you know that they've worked really hard on this. It's just not the same. Moving forward, Giannopoulos believes virtual teaching will become normal. Mean many teens who had hoped to get their license. Meantime, the summer of finding themselves grounded at home. We are experiencing more phone calls. Never. That's the automated voice message from one local suburban driving school reopened after being closed for several months due to the pandemic. Abdul Zobar owns a man sip driving school in Warren and says he's been fielding calls from parents unable to get their teens enrolled in a class. It's a bar tells them he himself has not opened yet with elderly relatives at home's A bar says it doesn't feel safe because the story they're sitting down within within perfect. On your saying with your student for an hour or two at a time. Normally, summer would be his busiest time of the year. Zobar says. He's been getting by, but he'll have to make the decision soon. Whether or not to just close up shop for good. Sandra McNeil. WW Jane is ready on time. 50 people who have been to the popular Northern Ohio vacation spot of putting Bay recently should get Corona virus test and consider Self quarantined for the next two weeks. That's after at least seven people who visited the island's restaurant hole tails and bars between June the 17th and the 21st tests positive for Cove in 19. Residents in the area should check with the local the Lucas or Ottawa County Health departments for testing sites. W W J NEWS time. 10 36. If you're planning to visit the European Union anytime soon, I'll think again. The You announced it will open to residents of 15 countries, but the U. S is not on the list. In Greece, which depends on tourism know us tourists means a loss of much needed cash. Greece has had remarkable success in fighting the new Corona virus, with a tough locked down and fewer than 200 deaths and the Greek government along with other European nations. Doesn't want to jeopardize that Dr L any Kaka. Liu, who's treating Kobe patients in Greece told us she's saddened by what she's seen in the US What is the job of the state?

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