ABC News. I'm Richard can,


ABC News. I'm Richard can, too. When Governor Tate Reeves signed the bill, Mississippi became the last state in the nation to retire a state flag with the Confederate battle emblem, innit symbols are hurt. And hate matter, and it needs to be dismissed and taken down on that one is happening today. Reena Evers Everette is the daughter of assassinated his civil rights icon. Medgar Evers. Now we're going to a place. Of total inclusion in unity with our hearts. Along without thoughts and in our actions. New state flag will be redesigned and will be designed. It offered the voters in November with President Trump refusing to wear a face mask during the pandemic. Joe Biden held a news conference to berate the president's leadership. Former Vice President Joe Biden in a press conference in Wilmington, Delaware, criticizing President Trump's handling of the pandemic. Statewide

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