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He went on to thank the Hinsdale Police Department and other agencies.


For their work in the investigation and E Day News Radio, 105.9 FM President Trump is coming under growing pressure from lawmakers to respond to allegations that Russia offered bounties for killing American troops in Afghanistan. Democrats are accusing the president of bowing to Russian President Vladimir Putin. And a demanding Mohr answers about U. S intelligence. Trump had said he never saw, press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said today. The president now indeed has been briefed. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff was among a small group briefed at the White House this morning, which she says didn't really help since White House officials did the talking. The right people to give the briefing really were not in the room, saying lawmakers instead need to hear from the intelligence community. Foreign Affairs Committee chief Elliott Angle says he left the briefing scratching his head wondering why President Trump's not publicly condemning Russia, for God's sake. These are our soldiers. The president says he has not been briefed on the allegations, which shift and others say is inexcusable. Soccer Megane Washington The

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