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Than your Steve Martin's. Not that old.


Than your Steve Martin's. Not that old. You know, Steve Martin was prematurely gray. In fact, if you see Laurel Canyon Steve Martin actually dated Linda routes that for I will talk about that, after fast traffic point north of the Union Tolls install being cleared sound found in the outer roadway. We have some road work slowdowns Buy cheese Quake service area. And on the turnpike. We've got the truck lanes closed in. Both directions were 27. Closed in Edison by Plainfield Avenue, down pole down wires and 35 South and Monmouth County and Aberdeen Accident investigation approaching Birchwood Drive. That takes out at least one lane crossing the Hudson, 25 minutes. Upstairs at the George Washington Bridge. Three lanes are closed for road work. They're bored, sponsored by the New Jersey Blueberry Council, celebrate the fourth with a red, white and blues jersey Blues jersey. Fresh blueberries on the perfect treat for your picnic support.

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