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NYC Approves $88 Billion Budget With Cuts to NYPD


Went out to the New York City Council approved a new and $88.1 billion budget. The means deep cuts in many areas of government, especially the NYPD, calling it a challenging but productive process. Mayor de Blasio announced a deal with the City Council to approve an $88 billion city budget that cuts deep into the NYPD. Take a $1,000,000,000 move it to other Needs other approaches. The savings come from eliminating the July recruit class. That means 1100 fewer cops along with major reductions in overtime. The mayor says. Money that was to build a new 116th Precinct house in southeast Queens will now go to a community center are police leadership will tell you this any time we're investing in young people? We're helping you fight crime a different way than the mayor said no to city worker pay cuts or furloughs. But he also adds without labour givebacks or help from Washington, 22,000 city workers could be out of a job come

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