Episode 08: Cleaning Up the Town - Part 1 - burst 21

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Headline Netflix's of you when you make this documentary. What was the legal side of it? Oh, you know with with what people were saying because you had all this audio volume talking about bits and bobs in what they've done in that. Did. You have to submit stuff to be reviewed. For, what can be said, and what compuserve? Now we would never sense it. the the the the closest thing that way got to. That was way. Into Interview Dennis. Of, industrial, light and magic funnily enough. The Hague was fantastic and just gave us a lovely interview. Locked is supposed stay, but he had a chaperone with him and and we did have to sign in bog does. That, we couldn't say. We couldn't say anything about what we'd saying inside. The presidio airline. That was. Other than that now, what's been interesting? 'CAUSE WE'VE got? An online film magazine Cool Promising Marine to the people on the right carpet. What style Asya when promoting the films? You know they that they're basically contracted to promote the film. Starts Wet by interviewing people in retrospect. Most of them have had very good careers and you know some of them have retired so that there there is even less censorship there because they don't have to impress anybody they. Achieve what they've changed within the industry and so. Far More Open. And honest about their experience, working on the film, but I mean the the other thing kind of US opposed. When he touched upon the legal, the legal aspects of the film was obviously. We use a lot of Sony material from the film. And parts of the archive them we used. We went through. What's called a process called? Fair use, so we go. We didn't go to so named asked to to by teach because we did not the money today that but there is assistant coalface where as long as they materials that you use. Are Used legitimately foucault, educational and Illustrative Purposes, and they can back up. What that person is is talking about in the documentary then and it's and it's and it's already been in the public domain you can use something called fair use year.

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