The Ho-Chunk tribe of Wisconsin has permanently laid off a number of employees


This is national native news. I Megan camera in Perrine Tony Gonzalez. Indigenous activists are asking former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper to drop out of the Democratic Senate primary over photos of him, and what they say is imitative native. American clothing common dreams, reports, coalition of indigenous women in their allies sent an open letter on Saturday outlining hickenlooper participation in hunting competition where they say winners are dressed in war, bonnets and losers must address like quote. Unquote squaws. The letter points out. This ethnic slur is associated with sexual assault of native North American Indian women. The one shot antelope punt has been a tradition in Wyoming for many decades A. Video from Wyoming. PBS shows the clothing being placed on the winners and losers by members of the Shoshoni tribe. Other? Groups joined the letter including sunrise movement converged. Colorado, and the indigenous environmental network, the latest controversy follows others including video that has surfaced showing Hickenlooper six years ago, comparing politicians scheduled to working on a slave ship. The letter says he has shown a pattern of quote. Behavior. The Ho Chunk Nation in Wisconsin has permanently laid off an undetermined number of tribal employees. The tribe has several casinos in Wisconsin that have been affected by corona virus closures and restrictions in a video statement Ho. Chunk President Myron White Eagle said the difficult decision is aimed at preserving the nation's financial health. This is a hard road to recovery to where we were pre pandemic. No one knows when we'll get back to. To those conditions, we hope to recall as many as employees as we can. But the future is uncertain White Eagle said laid off. Employees are not eligible for health insurance through the tribe, but they can seek services with the state. He said tribal officials failed to approve a budget for the coming fiscal year, but instead are working with a bare bones sixty day, operating budget in the hopes of the financial picture improves. Navajo nation leaders want new, Mexico to end efforts to dismiss a landmark education case meant to address educational inequities in the state. President Jonathan knows and Vice President Myron analyzer sent a letter to lawmakers expressing their opposition to a motion to dismiss the Yes Martinez lawsuit. Nez Native students deserve an educational environment that prioritizes their culture and unique needs. A judge ruled in twenty eighteen that New Mexico had denied English language learners, Special Education, native, American, and low income students, their constitutional right to a sufficient education, the Santa Fe new Mexican reports. The state filed a motion in March to dismiss the suit because it claims it has met the. The requirements of the decision the New Mexico Center online poverty, which representing the as he plaintiffs argues the state's efforts have been piecemeal in an op-ed, and the Albuquerque Journal they right. There are still large inequities in access to reliable Internet and technology, and they say they're still a lack of culturally and linguistically appropriate instructional materials, and there's a shortage of certified teachers. In Brazil people more into the death of KAIAPO leader and rainforest defender Paulino. Akon from covid Nineteen Public Radio International reported con played a key role in creation of tribal territory and ensuring indigenous rights were included in the country's Constitution The New York Times reports pie controversial, the world warning of the destruction of the Amazon appearing with celebrities like sting, but in the early nineteen nineties he was accused of rape. Supporters claim to the charges were. Were created a silence him. More than three hundred indigenous people in the Amazon have died from covid nineteen. The Guardian reports fears are rising. The virus will bring terrible losses of knowledge and tribal history, culture and traditional medicine. Many indigenous leaders accused the government of far-right President Gyro Bolsonaro of failing to protect Brazil's indigenous people by delaying aid and forcing them to risk infection by travelling to nearby towns for help for National Native News. I'm Meghan, camera.

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