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Big Leaguers prepare for a shortened season while foreign clubs won't have one, but the 8 30 report I'm Sean Gallagher breaking now. Return to Major League Baseball is getting closer. His players will report for training camps tomorrow. One member of the Reds talked about the short time they'll have to prepare for the July 23rd priest for the July 23rd start. And the looming Corona virus concerns Josh van Meter of the Reds is versatile by nature is a utility player. He has to adjust to this new normal shouldn't be too hard for him. He thinks three weeks of training is going to be enough for the guys who have been staying in shape. Being able to see a live arm there in there. I don't think I think three weeks is enough Van Meter talking with Lance. He considers it likely that players will catch the virus. I think it's inevitable that guys, we're going toe touch, positive how you go forward. I think it is a big big thing to focus on. The first step is this afternoon

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