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Truly passes away. Maybe. You


Here. We are gonna have a fun show tonight. Carl Reiner was on the show like four years ago. Rest in peace. Carl Reiner died today at the age of 98. Comedy Legend icon whatever you want. I mean, the dude was just The man for decades. I mean decades from inventing the Dick Van Dyke Show, who is great role in Ocean's 11 saw that lot yet it just brilliant and I was lucky enough to interview him four years ago, but I couldn't find the audio anywhere. Like you know me. Look at my desk. I'm not exactly a bastion of organisation, but Deborah Green was able to find it Somehow. I dug it up. And then I re labeled it. Okay, good. And so it was labeled something completely different. Like X to probably Buford s O this morning, actually tried. I mean, I've found that interview with Rob Reiner, but no one wants to hear from him. Wait, not truly passes away. Maybe. You know I love me, but no one wants to hear from Rob Reiner Right now. Carl Reiner is an icon. So, Debra finally, So it was a 30 minute interview and you cut it down to you know, we could've done to one segment, so it's 10. So we talk about the Dick Van Dyke Show. We talked about Ocean's 11 look alright, so that's going to come up at seven will play that at seven.

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