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A point where we start shaming


But he says he is strongly encouraging people to wear a mask, he says research shows that significantly lowers the transmission rate of covert 19 infact. He wore a mask today for the first time to one of his co bid 19 news conferences. And the State Health Department today is reporting another 585 positive Coben 19 cases in Oklahoma. That is the biggest one day increase report since reporting began in March. Now fewer people are hospitalized. Another 16,000 people have been tested. Compared to yesterday's numbers. There have been two additional death for a total of 387 deaths in the state. More than 10,000 people have recovered. In the nation's top expert on infectious diseases, says If states don't contain the spread of Corona virus, he wouldn't be surprised to see a CZ many as 100,000 new cases a day. Dr Anthony Fauci says it could get very bad. The nation is currently adding 40,000 new cases a day Governor Kevin Stitt losing two members of his Cabinet, who say it's time to return to their full time careers. Here's Margot Murano Health secretary Jerome Law Fridge will be replaced by Oklahoma Health care authorities CEO Kevin Corbett. Secretary of Science and Innovation. Casey Shrum will be replaced by her deputy secretary Elizabeth Pollard. State says both law, fridge and shrub more volunteers in his administration and juggling duties of public service with their professional were another aerospace company will locate its headquarters in Oklahoma Sky dweller announcing today. That it has selected Oklahoma City for its new corporate headquarters and Ardmore for a new testing facility. Dr. Robert Miller is

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