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The grassroots, the incubator to growing baseball. How


Still sad news. There will be no minor like baseball season for 2020. It's the first time without a minor league season since the first miner like saying that 1901 No Dayton Dragons know Louisville bats know Lexington Legends Columbus Clippers, Indianapolis Indians, You name it. I want to get into that here in a second Major League Baseball players report tomorrow they started the intake with workout set on Friday. A red should be on the West Coast, opening up a seven game road trip in L. A against the Dodgers Tonight, we'd have sports talk 69 40 leading into the inside pitch would have been Game 85 of the regular season. Barry Larkin among former MVP winners today, asking for the name of Kennesaw Mountain Landis to be removed from the M V P plaque. No blacks played in the majors during the quarter century tenure of Landis's commissioner. His name has been on each American like a National League award since 1944. Iraqis, according to reports of side one time short time Reds outfielder Matt Kemp to a minor league contract to replace in Desmond on the roster. Desmond opted out of the season last night. FC Cincinnati resumed training in Orlando for the MLS is back tournament. The Orange and Blue will officially restart the MLS season on Saturday, July 11 when they face the Columbus crew, and we have a baseball trade. Jeff passing of ESPN tweeting the following. Here's how you know baseball's pack. We've gotta trade and a player to be named later, The Padres are acquiring middle infielder Jorge Matteo from the A's for a player to be named later. So there you go. Um, man, I think the signs for the longest time has pointed to no minor like baseball season. It does not make it any easier to see the official release tonight. I just I looked it up during the break last year. 41.5 million fans attended a minor league baseball game. 41.5 million supported minor league baseball games last year, and there will be no games this year was a 15 straight year, minor league baseball gone over 40 million in attendance, Their attendance had gone up over 1,000,000 from 2018. It was the biggest one year increase that might have liked baseball had seen in attendance. Since the 2006 and 2007 seasons. Of course, if you're talking attendance and record the date Dragons record, I believe sits at 1385 consecutive sellouts. The Dragon's a year ago, wound up ninth out of 160 minor league teams. They were number one of all teams below the triple Eight teams and average 7900 fans per game. But minor league baseball is such the the grassroots, the the incubator to growing baseball. How do

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