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Following All The Rules


Comes to mind when you think of following world's. Do you follow any and all roles regardless of who sets them? Do you follow rules. You believe to be right. How do you determine when a rule is right? Devote rules out of fear for the contents of the breaking them. When other consequences serious enough to make you decide to follow a particular rule. There are a number of intriguing questions surrounding our whole approach to falling rules. The few mentioned here only scratched the surface I am person those rules because I believe ruled are good guideline for doing what is right I believe rules understand many of our relationships with others I. Want The people I come in contact with the have the best experience possible and I believe following rules is a good way to help. Make that happen. Unfortunately I've come to realize that not everyone has the same respect for others that makes falling rule something they want to do. I cannot remember the first time that I met someone who really seemed to dislike following rules I'm pretty sure there were situation to my shouted Rasa other people deliberately breaking rules of course I broke rules myself, but I did with regret and resolved not to do it again the. The extreme people who seem to delight in breaking rules are those people we would identify criminals. Terrorists seem to be another element of people who seem intent on breaking rules at least rules has most of us understand them. The increasing frequency of senseless violence that seems all too common in today's world causes us to repeatedly questioned why following rules seem to be such a disputed thing to so many people. Terrorism and criminal activity aside, many people seem confused as to what the rules are that we ought to follow Shosha. Media provides a forum in which anyone who wants to can loudly declare what is truth and therefore what the appropriate rules are historically. We've had public debate where there were differing opinions as to what the appropriate rules are. Some people actually feared raising a voice in debate today for fear, being immediately labeled biggest and hate-mongers as we move forward, it is important think. Think about the place of rules in our lives and in our society open honest discussion about rules and their place in our lives is a vital part of getting along with one another as we move forward, we should work hard. Understand the rules that are a part of our lives. There are ways to work to change rules we believe should be changed. Let us always try to be part of the discussion that leads us to live happily within the rules in our lives. This has been as we move forward. You can find more

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