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A big bang. Global socks had


New virus cases have been rising. U. S. China tensions few just pointing to a lower open down 3/10 of 1% of the SNP At his best quarter since 1998. NASDAQ had his best quarter since 1999. Stuck. Bulls need proof Now that they were right to go all in on the recovery story. The C S I 300 index rising 1.2% in the positive, hitting 3000 for the first time since March. As we said earlier China has been calm, less volatile versus the SNP since early March today, Of course, we had the choice in PM I better than expected at 51.2 Chinese investors are betting the rebound will continue. The 6 200 index By half a percent right now flip the page tickle look in terms of where we are into the Southeast Asian markets. And the money is well up 3/10 of 1%. The P Come, though down, about 1% added 17% loss quarter quarter. Historically challenging for the P calm this time unlikely to be different. The economy set for its biggest contraction in three decades. The benchmark in Indonesia, unchanged at 49 06 Indonesia says it's pressing ahead With plans to build a new capital with the aim of reviving the economy back. Indonesia, meantime, closing into agreeing to fund $40 billion of government pandemic spending and the half a percent right now so overall not too shabby for Southeast Asian markets. I'm sitting there's a 1,000,000,000 station numbers around and just what under now or thereabouts. Let's get top Storey's home call marking 23 years of overall rule from China with new laws that impose secret trials. As well as life sentences attacking Beijing as well as a Communist party. Former power Britain, saying that is deeply concerned about new security legislation, while the U. S is promising strong action Hongkong's usual first of July. Anti China rallies have been banned. All those, some activists say they will defy the order. Let's indeed bring in our chief North Asia correspondent Stephen Angle now. Global reaction Just touched on that a little bit, didn't we? And just tell us about what you've been seeing? The noises. You've been hearing the general atmosphere, Steve Well, we knew this was coming. We didn't have all the details. We got that at 11 o'clock last night, as it has been promulgated on to Hong Kong and opposed And now really, the questions are, how will it be implemented and how will it be enforced? And how will people here in Hong Kong know what side of the law they are on on those four main issues, those being, of course, subversion of state power secession. Terrorism as well as collusion with foreign forces there, verily vaguely written in these 66 articles in the 18 pages of this national security law, and that's something Hong Kong is going to find out in the course of this new normal if you will being rolled out China again, reiterating that this is important for the continuation of one country, two systems. In fact, officials in Beijing within the last couple of hours have been saying that the law's implementation will be of profound importance. Well, it'll definitely will be. Of profound importance for those who have taken to the streets over the last year, some of which did call for independence from mainland China and questioning the authority of the Communist Party of China as the ruler of Hong Kong and those We're dissipating would be illegal crimes going forward under this national security law, So there is a lot of uncertainty a little more certainty. Now, though, that we have the letter of the law in our hands. Now it's time to start interpreting this. And Steve. Global reaction has been immediate. What are we hearing from the life of the US The UK Well, the UK Boris Johnson has come out and said, and I will quote what he said. I have it right here. We're deeply concerned. Also the Trump Administration's Trump administration, saying they're vowing strong actions if Beijing didn't reverse course on this national security law. Also, we're hearing from Mike Pompeo, the US secretary of state, and I believe we do have a graphic of his statement. He says. Hong Kong demonstrated to the world what a free Chinese people could achieve. One of the most successful economies and vibrant societies in the world. But

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