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To Philadelphia. It's Jamie. Progressive Number one number two employees leave a message at the


The NASDAQ rose 1 85 It's crunch time for state governments as they face their worst financial crisis in decades, brought on by covert 1911 states have yet to enact budgets for the fiscal year starting tomorrow. Those that have have slashed spending. Teslik gained nearly 7% pushing its market value over $200 billion. It's now worth more than Exxon Mobil, which has seen its value fall to about 185 billion. Less than a month after it's been to acquire Grubhub fell through Uber is trying again to buy a food delivery service sources say it's in talks to buy Postmates a deal isn't a sure thing. Postmates is also said to be exploring paths to go public with money news from Bloomberg on K Y w I'm Larry Well because of rising Corona virus cases, you have to fast a bit longer before feasting inside Philadelphia restaurants. It's coming up at the top of the hour on K Y w News radio. It's 11 57 ht ht to

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