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The water company doing some work there.


To the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Watch for some minor delays through there. Now we have delays to construction on 95 South Bound J and forfeited to the Delaware State line North found from the state line up to China Chester Avenue. Then we're all sing us out, found the lay between common in Bridge Street due to ongoing construction, actually, a little bit of a new pattern. Some reconfiguration of the area because of the ongoing rebuild of 95. Lincoln Drive. Outbound closed Ridge to Clive Din for construction till 5 30 tomorrow Warning University City Walnut Street blocked at 38 Street, the water company doing some work there. Ridges. Commodore Barry slow westbound into Pennsylvania due to construction roadwork on 55 sound bound 1,000,000 paving, and you're slow sound for the DLC. Dry mass transit. No major delays in the case of a 24 hour traffic center. I'm Brian or a moment. The forecasters,

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