Multiple Arizona gyms defy executive order to close


Corona virus in Arizona, Today's executive order will pause the operation of bars, gyms, movie theaters, water parks and tubing with a targeted reopening date. In 30 days like the governor used the word pause, which sounds better than I'm shutting these suckers down right? But that order on Monday set off what could be a flurry of lawsuits. We've already seen. One lawsuit filed against The state of Arizona in the governor. Of course, that's from mountainside, fitness and this injury. So here's how it played out for one mountainside fitness location yesterday, Scottsdale police tell our TV partners at ABC 15 that a little before 10 a.m. After receiving multiple reports of the location near 114th Street and Shay Was open officers showed up and provided education. They were told at that time by management that the location would remain open. They did. And when officers came back in the afternoon, they issued a citation to mountainsides. Chief operating officer A citation for a class one misdemeanor, which could mean a fine of up to 2500 bucks and possible jail time. You know, I'm guessing $2500 might really be a drop in the bucket to what they might face losses for being closed. Right. So maybe they're rolling the dice on that one hears mountainside Mountainside CEO Tom Hatton after several of his locations received the same. We don't feel this decision was fair. We think it was extremely arbitrary. It was placating to trying to look like we're doing something for Kobe and not really doing something prick owed. If the problem Um, is this serious? But they weren't alone. By the way, it's staying open. I'm seeing live shots on my monitors this morning in the studio Life time fitness facility in the valley. Apparently, there are several franchises that are staying open. Yeah. People working out you get. Ah Ah, are partners over at ABC, 15 had actually a live shot into the mountainside fitness location. That's near 56. And Shay and you could actually see people in their working out. They have resumed in individual people on, you know, ah, the treadmills and lifting weights and stuff. Yeah. Orange Theory said they're going to stay open. Pure bar A. Which is, you know, one of those bar workout ballerina? Yeah, yeah, not like a bar like they're serving drinks valet. Yet they say their their studios or boutiques, not a typical gym, So they say they don't have to shut down. Ah, sorting through all this is Going to be crazy, but this could lead to a flurry of lawsuits against the governor from some other Types of

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