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Published press release. In a statement, athletic director Charles said quote the decision was one We did not arrive at likely we're working diligently to support our student athletes during the change, so obviously tough For all those athletes really late in the transfer process is well one note. I will say Bowling Green LTD. It's baseball program earlier this summer, only to reverse course three weeks later, because Layers, alumni and separating 1.5 $1,000,000. So if they can raise the money, maybe they can save the program. Tell you it's a mess down Chicago State almost everywhere you look, the basketball team's not competitive. Some of the other sports are struggling and for them to single out baseball. I agree with that. That's that's a rough way to go, especially this late. In the summer, so hopefully things will work out. Well for those guys. I appreciate you, Josh. Man. Josh will talk to you later. We gotta take a break when we come back. All these teams and all these leagues air getting back onto the field, But is it safe? I got a chance to talk to a doctor today. Hear what he has to say. Coming up next here on sports. Well, remember the great Carl Reiner with our conversation from a few years ago about Dick Van Dyke, Mel Brooks, Steve Martin and Meathead at

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