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Miles Thomas from Crunchyroll and Sound! Euphonium


Like I said evil is about perspective. NERD on. is going on everybody. Welcome back to nerd on the PODCAST. You didn't need, but you deserve and where all levels of nerd are welcome. Today is a special episode very special episode. We have a guest and it's it. A little bit of background information. We got contacted by crunchy role to be on the show, and it's pretty fantastic. We have miles. Miles is joining us today to we're GONNA learn about miles and we're also going to. Discuss something that he is nerdy about there's got you know spoiler alert. There will be a lot of conversation about anime so fun stocks. Before we get into the show. Let us introduce the host I am Josh. I'm Tom. Caitlyn and this episode is brought to you in part by the members of the nerd on nation, that is powered by Patriarch Matriarch on as a member of the nerd on nation. You get fun fun perks like you get bonus episodes that nobody else ears, but you. And you get early access to all of our episodes. You get discounts on, merge you get access to a special channels are discord server there just for you to talk with other nerd on nation members talk with us host of our other shows that are a part of the nerd on family, all that good stuff, but yeah, check that out nerd on dot, io back, Patriot patron and our. Our discussion, I cannot do it Josh I know. My personality. Few! Second away where it's like I'm Patriotic Patria. But TV tabby on animal crossing. But yeah, you can join our discord, which is nerd on dot io. Backs nerd on I io backslash discord, and yeah, come join the conversation. There's lots of fun stuff that's going on over there. We talk about everything from anime to food porn to tech stuff to video. It's a across the gamut it's it's a really cool community. Yes, gardening, it's so good but then also huge shout out to our partners apogee who have equipped us all all of us host with the height Mike. It is the ultimate podcasting microphone. It's A. A wonderful microphone and I cannot recommend it enough. Especially at these times during quarantine even people that are looking to get into podcasting whether or you're a streamer, any any content that needs audio. You need a microphone I. Really suggest this microphone as an audio engineer as a podcast her I just I love it. It's a it's dote Mike moment, and then our friends over at Odyssey headphones as we have stated before they tastes like butter. Sound like butter. They are one sound like butter for. They are wonderful. They're super comfortable. They sound great I I. For hours on end, yes, exactly, we wear them all day when we record and you can barely feel them and shout out to our co host Ali, very sensitive ears. It feels like butter. If feels like. Life. It's so delightful, but that is the housekeeping. Let us get into the episode. Let's get on with the show baby so let's let's hear from miles. We did all that housekeeping so miles miles Thomas. I love your last name. It's like my first name. Way. To introduce you to our audience, let's start out with the basic question. Maybe one that you get asked all the time. What is your role with? Crunchy roll. Well. I am technically the director of social media and editorial programming. You could also just say community marketing so when I go to Japan. They say community marketing because that's something that actually. Sounds like A. Real job. High very official it is. And I mean like, but I actually like community marketing, because it speaks to like what I think I do because when you say social media. In the worst part is unknown, who came up with that job title and now I'm like. But gave marketing represents like I, I am. Might rather not me. My team is the one that tries to connect fans with the company, so we are the bridge between the audience and. All like our Japan office, our audience our audience offices in Europe and All over the world like. Our team is the one that tries to say. Hey, people love this anime. We should do something more than or hey. We Love anime. Let's try and spread it with the world. A share with the world spread it as far as possible. Build up a community build up an audience and so it's kind of like a fun person marketing. Instead of just like doing some. I I. I am a numbers guy like that's kind of my background but like. There's other teams that deal with like the the like programmatic marketing that's. Finding out the best advocates on every platform like this just his name now. Yeah and I love that stuff. Don't get me wrong, but I'm excited as like a a lifelong enemy fan that my job is about like well. How does it make people feel that's. How does. Community makes. TRIED TO BE? Working with the community, try to represent. Try to represent them as accurately as possible it's. More that 'cause like social media sounds very like. I do algorithm stuff like that's. That's very important that but. Nothing that in the bandages like because I do like I am a walk at at heart like the Algorithm. Stuff means that like. It so much fun like within like. I looked at the top one hundred American companies and like my social media team kicks all of their asses like. Regular basis. Guess One more and more people like anime than you think the number two because we have this wonky nece hearts, even though we're just doing like what we feel in the moment, like stupid mistakes, because we're just like any fans to wait, you're here. We also have no. Boy! We're GONNA. Need to end like this. But we're able to. Play Algorithm and like beat the competition of like in our ambitions on anime competitions, everything. That's not enemy. Like the more rising tired of animate lifts all enemy so I like I like it. When anime wind social media so does he like our brand? Be like the tippety top of so many win awards, and we want a social media team. Last year is for today, which is like my favorite magazine to read on the key side of things. So, like what is, this is a Wonk I. I must be super uncultured. Walk walk is this is like a political term so wonka's someone who gets really into the numbers or localities, so it doesn't care about like the like the slogans, but cares about like all right, but tell me more about how Elizabeth Warren Bill that did. Like! Like. When I say Wonky I mean like Oh like I can.

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