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How to Predictably Grow Bone with Dr. Tim Kosinski (DHP291)


Now we're talking evidence baby in our. Yeah evidence on top of evidence. I'm just I'm frustrated for us. We we honestly we should. We should ask for better. We really should and I mean I'm respecting the laws respecting my my governor. Literally I think is never going to let dentists go back to work and her husband is a dentist so maybe she has a chip on his shoulder about him. I don't even know I know what she's married to a dentist so obviously she doesn't like dentists. I was just going to say it's why we can't go. Magsi eight then your else. She hated him so he really wanted him to go back if she also hates protesters that bring guns to the capital. Call Me Crazy. But it's been real. That's been joy for us too because this is two blocks from the State. Capital eleven impromptu. Just we'RE GONNA block up all the traffic down. Yeah with guns and crazy fat people. I'm seeing I. I will say the protesters are. We're not they're not doing actually in the fatness doesn't that make them at great risk for covert. I think it. Does I think one of the things right. That's why I'm running. I The gun section right next to like the amount due section. Probably if it's not I'd be very surprised. I JUST. I just feel like because our protesters are are making such gigantic asses of themselves and by gigantic SS. I actually mean gigantic asses when protestors sit around the House. They sit base. Oh round the house. That's right Allen I have two guns I got. I got do good and I'll give you the show added highway. And I'm I'm cognizant of people pulling out the highway and trying to do some shenanigans grays orders. Yeah I mean I don't fault gun owners. I do fault gun. Owners that go to the capital with large rifles strapped on themselves. And it's a freedom. I get it but the message is getting hurt. Your keeping me from opening my office is what I'm saying. I'm convinced that the governor is mad at you. She's mad at you so she's making it hard for me. I just want you to know. That's how I'm reading this. I don't know how I can read this any other way. Composite guns down right. I got two of them. They're the black bio clear ones and I have a holster. It's hot my assistant. Dropped my eight hundred dollar heat saying this morning. Oh Why am I here? That was exactly that was. That was the first one that was more than my production for today in only God. It's so true so true. That's the other thing with with emergencies. Emergency now I don't hope for for pain and suffering from patients but but I will. I'll say the right combination of pain and suffering. Means you could actually charge something out though you know what? I'm saying like like like the best as I've had in the last two months are endo's where that I've been able to start because not only might actually helping people get out of pain is actually doing something that that I can charge for putting restorative veneer on there quite a service. Yeah it is well you know. They're pretty cosmetically driven here. In Saginaw Michigan Central Michigan known for their cosmetic their cosmetic drive for the Solo Veneer. That's right when you only do one colors not very important right. 'cause it's it's definitely not going to match. Just go for broke. I GonNa Conversation piece. I just let Shelly pick pick whatever color is light. She just kind of puts her her hand in the bowl and draws out and that's the color because it's not going to match what I do so I might as well make it. Exciting prices. Right forgot that she has the Benjamin Moore dollar wheel in their classic gray. You are so okay. So what kind of procedures are people like lineup? Finding patients are are glad to be back or nervous to be back. I leave heard. I've heard mixed messages from people on this so I'm curious to what you what you came up with their today. Though there's been during this whole thing has been about three or four patients that have just bugged the anatomy just calling multiple times. Just letting me know every detail their life you know calling in for an emergency and then the night before. I can't make it so we had had one guy that was was finally was GonNa get in it bug me by five or six times and then now. I'm not coming in today because I don't have insurance so that's a lot of that. Evidently there's past couple days has been real. Beijing's have been nice today. Evidently there little. Are you hearing from them? That concerns about the virus or not really about a couple that have asked. Like what are you doing? And what are you doing sitting here thinking about you? Never there is hot asking rainstorm..

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