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It's time for question of the week and this one comes from Gaskin who has an issue with dendrobium orchid skin rights. I got it a couple of years ago and it's been a joy flowering profusely for the first eighteen months. He's also doubled in size when it arrived it had a few stumps which made me think you'd have been divided or cutback with my kids. I know to Prune flowering stems back to the next node after flowering wanted. My danger need something similar and should I be dividing those rooting branche. Let's at the base. I am no dendrobium experts so I called on somebody who is to answer this question. Manosque ANALYSIS IS THE CO author of book growing orchids at home along with another orchid expert. Peter White so he was just the person meads speak to thankfully Manas was on hand to answer all Gaskins dendrobium queries. And then some are GonNa see three questions here. The basically the dribble what we're looking at is the drug of nobility which is native to Southeast East Asia and it is often referred as a cool growing in boom which is not doesn't do doctors in that it doesn't really need cool temperatures. But it's kind of spacey kind of special because it is one of the few calm only sold or kids that has a distinct growing unrest phase. It's going phase starts when you see buds on the gains in the rest phase stotts when the new gains have reached almost the height of the old canes their best boat late spring about. Now it's arrest and growing phase coincides with them with the nobody with a here now so I can see city questions that need to be honest from from paragraph. So the first question is what these stumps these dumps. In fact cut of games. The plant didn't need a one that say these case cut off but grow did cut them off so the blunt looks prettier for somebody to bite. Which these second question do you need to cut off the gains of the end of the Florence. No because they are used as reservoirs for nutrients and would that feed the new cades when the plan does need these old gains it will become crinkly yellow and then you can cut them off. It's not like offices which is unique in that. It Kennedy Flower on the same stem. These a flower. Normally it would just stop a move to the new gains but as they do not got the old game. I think this is where I've fallen down with this plant in the past because I in my ignorance of this plot have have cut off those stems before they sent me before they've gone completely yellow and Brinkley and as a result I've I was doing the right thing but obviously I wasn't and you end up with kind of an unbalanced ugly looking plan as well grow can do this because in the nursery does that. He's doing just before shows blunt. But he's doing it because in in your house you have perfect. Conditions was at home. The blood is not in ideal conditions. Most of the time so taking away it's Bui- Wa Shales nutrients in what is it. Makes it much more difficult for it to show? Its best left of left on the left with the plan until the plan tells you does need. I'm I guess this is. Why if you grow a few follow ups all kids you have to understand that the dendrobium Zarb different because that flowering style is quite different. They don't fly off from the same in the same way. Do they? Sort of flying from the side of the stag with a very short flowering stem as opposed to that long one get. We found offices years. There is different than two or three ways from other orchids. And as soon as you realize that most of the darkest got two or three significant but as if you only differences than the very to grow one is you know one or two key things. The key for this one is an interest and a glowing period joining address. You keep it cool in cool bright dry conditions Jewish growing face you know what orchid the key to eight was you do this L. Thrive. It's not difficult to grow at home now. The third question w dividing the Bronx leads at the bottom and a difficult one to answer. It's basically that says yes. No these orchid if it's not given a proper rest videoed develop not bronze. Let's they're called chi-chi's new plantlets on the canes if it does so these are best sprayed with some water will. Miss missed it and win the have enough road full five a couple of inches in length either be snapped off and then all put together in small report and you have a new plan but on this case in this picture this is not. Lebron's lead it doesn't look like a is. It just looked looks like a new cane. Orchid looks that it could do with reporting and now it is that I tend to report it all the way until the end of June. So it is best reported in a weaponry party is good to take a little bit of also dog from the bottom of the boat and boot the audit into its new book which should be only slightly bigger a little bit deeper. These huge go into into the bar. So if you really really wanted you cool take that bit off. But it's risky and you have to ask why the best thing is to be less with planned so you end up with a big stronger thriving blunt and what is the best mix to use with the dendrobium is it just like kind. Classic orchid bog just simply bought a don't balk based or anything called compost. You Know Eh isn't a very and you do. Not because they have long games a lot of people feel they need to put him in a big. But the problem with this is that it's not easy to keep it on the very dry Jimmy. It's rest period. So if need be for weight you could put a couple of Februaries in the but the best to just every time you just slightly at the best the next size up in terms of thought so the nets sized book on. I know that I say it. It looks a little bit too big for its board. But that's what it needs to do to do and say just balk which will enable enabled the grower to keep it on the on the dry side during rest field watering these kids. I mean is there any special requirements? Here judy is growing face You what you keep it moist but not overly wet. You can use hardwood that it's easy but it's good at least from time to time to use a rainwater always luke warm temperatures and it was. The new. Gains was the end of the season growing cheese on Wednesday new case of the the height. Alsi availed gains than you. Keep it on the dry side very little water from time to time with Chevy Mistake. So doesn't get bone dry and deal. You see a new buds appearing on the new gains. The new gains also good to be stoked will be supported otherwise can just fold over all or the garden grow. Not Straight okay. That makes sense. Well that's helped me. Also because I've I've got a couple of little Katie's or might dendrobium which I have. I have to say already removed without really checking what I was supposedly but removed them and they were glass of water in the minutes. Must pop those up there quite small but they have got decent read some them so they can just go into one newport with market bark and hopefully they'll go next year with the oxy skype is is you can just snap them off the gain of the boom rather than a cover to cut off a little bit of this time as you have to do with the with the front office and then. Yes dorothy three together with them on on a very small against the Mita in Bach and and not too much watering at the START STUCCO FLEETS. And then you'll have a and what about this worry that people have the they're all kids in see through. Pulse is not true because I can't seem to come from the nursery and report to. We need to look for seats. Report Oral Paik once. Okay very good question. A book is good because you see the system village focusing the size especially Clear all else equal is a good thing. I clear poured for not only for August for plotted plants as well because I can see the roots but it is not necessary to grow or what is essential in a boat. The guarding orchids is that it has good. Greenwich has blend your host closer to drain or kids especially for an obvious need to drain and dry well. Between what the other thing. Also which is the secret is easy. Key is don't even have a dome even clear participation it the Dome it is definitely made for orchids because no The plan needs that kind of special boot so there are clear thoughts in the market. Which frankly not really good for you. Because they don't have good Greenwich as long as the pot has very good grant. A lot of big holes at the bottom is good for orchids. The all clear is better because you also she system in the roots This House is when you say talk about the Dome is the Boston. Part isn't flat. It's got a raise section which presumably is increasing surface area for more act coming in the menu holes at the bottom of the foot. Give it good drellich than dome is mostly for Asia. The center of the if you think about it is basically a niche may be a neat and a half from the what whereas in innumerable port. It's still possible to have inches away from

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