Europe holds low-key VE Day commemorations due to virus


Welcome to these after the BBC world service hello I'm James Menendez coming up today as the coronavirus tightens its grip on Brazil the world renowned photographer Sebasti O. Salgado tells us of the grave threat the virus poses to the country's indigenous peoples and takes aim at president Boston on he's bring more conflict mall destruction is becoming just as federation president also scaled back events to mark seventy five years since **** Germany surrendered to the allies victory in Europe day will have members of that moment here we are victorious exhausted my Darling we have really won the war I can't believe it the actor and the circus on the pitfalls of reading out all of the whole bit online for charity they'll be trips and stumbles on shore and it's it'll have a live feel to it including yes probably having to put up signs like back in five minutes festivities BBC news with sue Montgomery severely scaled down events are taking place across Europe to mark the seventy fifth anniversary of the defeat of **** Germany in the second World War big public commemorations was scrapped because of corona virus related restrictions Dania behind has this report investors still resonates these highly constrained circumstances where the final **** surrender was signed Germany's president Frank

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