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05-21-20 Music Maker: Hwane Rios


About that connection but Alaska. We have a voyaging canoe. Now that was over One of the trees harvested in Alaska and and that void. You can use still cells around the world and so that connection still exists today so beautiful and then connecting to another mountainous police there in toast New Mexico We'll continue allowing these connections to happen. If you want to connect with Havana and tell her a little bit about how her songs are treating Your Day. You can give us a call. One eight hundred nine six two eight. Four eight is a number and we'll hear more details on these different songs and why this album is about connecting in the title says together we rise Is a song reaching you in a time? Where you need to hear those words. One eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight is the number of any. Rios is our main music maker. She's here with us. The full hour and the threat of covid nineteen has cancelled. Art Shows Fairs and conferences leaving many needed artists without a place to sell their work. But they're getting creative connecting with customers online and on social media on the next native America calling. We'll take a look at staying afloat as Anita artists during the pandemic..

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