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Now there's some information that came out the Attorney General William Barr held a news conference yesterday and according to his to his Intel the gunmen who killed those sailors last year repeatedly communicated with al Qaeda operatives about planning and tactics in the months leading up to the attack the last out of apple for failing it to help them open the shooter's phone so that they can access key evidence this is not a debate in the FBI and the and the lives legal community for a long time I remember just personally back to must've been too without a twenty sixteen I think at the inland regional center where we had a terrorist attack right in the area in which I serve it with my radio show and that was one of the debates then at that point whether or not apple would allow them to allow the FBI to access the information from the shooter's phone apple refused the FBI finally broke into a but it delayed the investigation for a for a pretty long time and as you can see that was the same case here when it now months later we're getting information to law enforcement officials discover contacts between Mohammed Saeed al Shaam Ronnie and operatives of al Qaeda after FBI tech was very confusing generate thank you I'll do it again Muhammad Zaid al some Ronnie about

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