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Jack Callahan, Minnesota And China China discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


You purchase license plates that say support our troops military families make many sacrifices and support our troop plates are classy way to say thank you and show your support so the next time you renew your license plates please order support our troop plates thank you military families and thank you Twin Cities newstalk fox news the president stepping up his tiff with Twitter yesterday days after Twitter fact check two of his tweets president trump in the oval office signing an executive order targeting social media companies to limit liability protections provided under U. S. law currently social media giants like Twitter receive an unprecedented liability shield based on the theory that they're a neutral platform which they're not the president's order would pave the way for the FCC to potentially undo section two thirty of the communications decency act which spares tech giants from being held liable for the content they allow online critics including Twitter question the extent to which the White House can legally influence the decisions the private companies make about their services at the White House John decker fox news and that feud is escalating Twitter has now attached a disclaimer to the president's tweet about Minneapolis saying if the military assumes control when the looting starts the shooting starts Twitter says that violates their rules for glorifying violence but they've not removed the tweet saying it may be in the public's interest for that tweet to remain accessible tensions are growing between Washington and Beijing the U. S. calling for a meeting of the U. N. security council over the new Hong Kong security law being imposed by the Chinese government secretary of state Mike Pompeii telling fox's the Ingraham angle it's only a start I think you see in the coming days president make a series of announcements with respect to this that recognizes the threat to the United States of America the American people security as a contaminate from this to radical regime inside of China China's foreign ministry in a statement urging the US to stop what it calls frivolous political maneuvers after a down day on Wall Street Thursday Asian stock markets closing Friday mixed Dow futures down more than one hundred points on Jack Callahan this is fox news from the cremation society of Minnesota weather center for Friday sunshine a high of sixty nine clear skies fifty.

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