George Floyd honored at Minneapolis memorial service


In Minneapolis Friends family community leaders civil rights leaders from our across the country gathered to mourn George Floyd Sarah Cider is out front. He. The Gray. At the memorial in Minneapolis. George flights family took time to mourn this amazing to me that he touched so many people hearts. You because he'd been touching our hearts, you know everybody won't justice. We Want Justice George. He's going to get it. He's GonNa get it. Historic national demonstrations in Floyd's name are now well into their tenth day. What happened to Freud happens adequate bay in this country and then every. Of American life is time for us to stand up in charges, name and Saket show me off. ow Next Knicks less than a mile from the family memorial National Guard troops stood watch three former police officers charged with aiding and abetting and Floyd's death made their first court appearance, all three granted one million dollar bail, or seven hundred fifty thousand dollars with conditions of potential key witness, the passenger and Floyd car. That fatal afternoon says. His friend did not resist arrest telling the new. York Times Floyd was from the beginning, trying in his humblest formed show, he was not resisting. I could hear him pleading. Please officer. What's it all four? Minneapolis police have released two hundred thirty. Thirty five pages of highly redacted personnel records for the four officers involved in Floyd's arrest, they show Derek Shaaban the officer now charged with second degree murder had at least seventeen previous misconduct complaints with the department. He was given a notice of suspension, and was also reprimanded for removing a woman from her car. In Two thousand seven Alexander Kyung had been an officer less than six months at the time of Floyd's death prior to joining law enforcement enforcement, the four men held a variety of jobs including working at McDonald's target. Home Depot and service in the United. States army. They now face between ten and forty years in prison. If convicted and Floyd's killing psalms, one is seven. The. Lord is my light and my salvation following the memorial service Reverend Jesse. Jackson paid a visit to the site. We're floyd died

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