Jose Mourinho hits back at Paul Merson over Harry Kane comments with own striker 'facts'



Focus on the war of words, shall for second between Paul Merson and Josie Marino. It has to do with Harry Craig I. Wonder Your thoughts effectively. The case that Merson makes is that hurricane hostile. Look elsewhere if he wants to find that ultimate success Josie, Marino comes out. Every striker has ever managed, and every goal that that striker has ever scored. He may have messed up a little bit on the stats. Does have a point though. A. Poll from said but I could. I I. It's to do with having success on the bottom line is and I saw Josie Moran your. All the players starts from Melito Ibrahimovic. To Rinaldo and others who all scored. Goals from, but what what should remember as the teams, those goals were scored those particular clubs where either dominate in or close to dominate, and not only the domestic leagues, European football and what we have here is a player who, as on the shortlist for for most of the talk clubs to be the number nine. Probably the Foxton Lane behind Robert Levin Ski and here we have a club who a long way of success by the looks! Are Not clean a very enhance style of game that's been seen in Jersey Marine Command and I don't for one minute and I've and his and his body language. In before the lockdown hurricane looked the jacket in some games because Tottenham were playing so deep, so you can rattle off all these names and all these goals, but those were clubs were having success taught them. Them at the moment are GonNa be lucky if they even got sniff of the top four, never main challenge in love, appeal and mindset a nice to beg issue for hurricane going forward. Particularly, his age is trying, and he's got a big decision to make I think in the the next few months and marine had all the stats tobacco his argument. What do you think? They weren't accurate, though I think he gate groper about another one hundred thirteen goals, but I think he quoted his number of appearances under, but anyway leaving that aside because I'm just thinking. The lockdown must have been agony for Joseph Marino, because he went three months without being on the back pages. So here he's. He's not a press conference going to put him back on the back pages tomorrow. Having a spat with a high profile pundit light pulled some bad. It's just my radio being barillot really I mean Elvis plants. He quoted that goes over that career. I'm hurricane will get goes over his career as well once he's up to speed again I think he's got seven ten gains on the Marino. He'll keep scoring, but Craig's right next season is going to be interesting. If Spurs misfire gain next season canes already been on the record as saying easing on a stat Tottenham for the psychic quote. Watch movement said say,

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