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The Power Trip


You I. Don't have any Vikings News but I've NFL knows. About the Antonio Brown Update Mark Rosen Seattle and Baltimore have. Had internal discussions about possibly signing him he has. Connections to both, but the problem is even if they want to. He's still under investigation by the NFL from that two thousand and nineteen civil suit for a woman, accusing him of sexual misconduct and right, then he had the other one in New England where he was reportedly like harassing a woman via text. So remember. He got in trouble again. Kind of in in New England so even if they want to. I don't even know if he would be allowed to play I. Don't know how the so why do you make the overtures until? It settled by the League and the League's business probably hasn't even got to that point where they're going to determine what Antonio Brown Kenneth can't do right now. I can't play so I don't know it's Weird Pete

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