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Trump, Inc.


House the map room. There to chairs placed in front of fireplace. There are lots of lights microphones monitors. The setup looks like president. Trump might be sitting for an interview with a network news anchor. This is an interview. But it's with his. Son Donald Trump Junior. Powerful father, it's a special father's Day. Edition of Don Juniors online show triggered. which is your favorite trump child? And why is it evolve? was event. I have heard a couple of calls from you from the White House. Saying, you know. Maybe. You're getting a little hot on social media. That's true. Do you understand irony? And how that works! I do. In the world of this show, there's no corona virus and the economic crisis is only glancing leap present job numbers came out last week, and they were through the roof. There are references to the growing protests around police, brutality and racism. But, only in the context of say, blaming the Democrats for running Minneapolis and Seattle so poorly, they threaten bedlam bedlam all over the place. It won't be long order when Donald Don Jr. Talk about football. What did there should be tolerant protests by players? Their answer is now. About him sort of cowering to the mob. And that whole controversy. Here's a point done. Junior wants to make. He saw something in the TV news about some documents uncovered during the raid of Osama bin, Laden's compound and twenty eleven finally declassified them in there. There were paperwork from Osama bin Laden saying that he wanted to assassinate President Obama because it would put Joe Biden in charge. Did happen. The documents say that bin Laden said binding is totally unprepared for that post,

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